Expect all four seasons during the day.

Icelandic weather varies greatly during the day and can change quickly. Furthermore we are also traveling greater distances than most with our planes.  Be ready for rain showers. Bring a wind-blocker for the beach. Sometimes we are near glaciers and icebergs, then is full on winter. Dressing in layers is key, so you can add/remove as the day progresses.

Bring your favorite reusable water bottle.

Icelandic tap water is pure spring water and it's a shame to drink anything else here. We'll have water tanks to refill your water bottles on the buses. We'll also provide sodas on the bus for the extra fizz when you need it.

If you chose the `Camping' option

You do not need to bring a tent or a mat. Just bring bed linen / a sleeping bag.

This ice lake is by one of the actual landing areas. Dress for success.


Plan for Winter Jumping

As Norlandair's Twin Otter are passenger planes, we don't have a door. We will provide blankets for the way up to altitude. Still on exit expect 0F (-20C). Bring gloves that you are comfortable using during emergency procedures / pulling your handles. Definitely pack neck warmers, bring an under-layer to wear under your jumpsuit. Something like UNIQLO's base layers. Get weather proof shoes. Most of iceland's soil is moist/wet. If you can only bring one helmet, the full face one.

General Skydiving

As with most skydiving event, please make sure to bring a rig with a repack in date, your skydiving licence, and the last page of your logbook. AAD are required in Iceland. We will collect this information online, and your data and will be checked by our world class riggers.

Icehopp Skydiving

You might not meet your luggage / gear back at all the landing areas. It might be on another bus, or on its way to the next hotel. It can be good to carry some essentials with you (heart medication?) and jump with your wallet, cell phone etc... Icon V owners can rejoice with this specific attachement belt, but any belly bag will do! #bringbackthe90s.

Aerodyne Cobra Belt

Nomadic Skydiving

The nearest gear store is overseas... We have tried to foresee some basics (rubber bands, closing loops etc...) but if everyone attempts to be self reliant we'll do better as a team!


Bath/Sauna culture

There will be plenty of opportunities to soak into geothermal waters. This is a key part of the Iceland experience. Make sure to bring your bathing suit, and your sauna hat! Bring sandals if you don't like walking barefoot around public baths.


Iceland has it's own currency ISK

But credit cards are accepted even in the most remote places. You probably don't need cash.

Reykjavik is 2h behind Paris, 4h ahead of New York

Electric outlets follow EU standard, so you will need an adapter for US appliances.

Cheapest Alcohol is at the airport duty free shop before you pick up your luggage.

Try Olafson's Gin, and other icelandic spirits!